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Update by user Nov 23, 2011

Pet Corner Internatioan LLC and the Author bigguy1049 have reached an agreement to resolve our issues to our mutual satisfaction. This is to resolve my original Review and also the comments made in numbers 4 and 6.

Update by user Nov 23, 2011

As the author of comment 4 and 6 I am now posting the following rebuttal. I have now reached and agreement that has resolved our issues to our mutual satisfaction.

Update by user Nov 15, 2011

As the author of the review below I am writing to let readers know that I have come to an agreement with Pet Corner to resolve the issues we have. I am satisfied with these results.

Original review posted by user Sep 16, 2011

I bought a distributorship from Pet Corner International in December 2010. The main selling point was that they told me that the National Science foundation Audited them. The rep that set up my first 6 accounts used that as the top sales point. The national science foundation has denied to me any relationship with Pet Corner International.

I asked for my money back and that was denied. On top of that the product doesn't sell very much at all.

Pet Corner hasn't helped me grow this business at all after telling me they would. At this time they don't contact me and have abandoned the relationship and I'm out about $18,000. Hope this helps somebody else from making the same mistake.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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A PCI distributor just expanded and in so doing purchased another distributorship and

also a larger territory.

Why would someone do that if their business was not succeeding. Are they just very, very lucky or maybe crazy, or is it that they understand how to make their business work.

Let's understand the next move, a few people will want to contact him, ostensibly to get some 'ideas' from him, but it will be one negative story after the other, why would any

intelligent person want to subject themselves

to that kind of phone call. We rest our case.


Watch out for these guys. Try to get at least 10 dealers to talk to you before you sign a check They will give you some lame excuse that they are busy they dont have the time to talk.

Very Evasive company. Also ask them for the sales for the last four quarters that really makes thme nervous.

Don't let the owner Bob lambert sell you. He is real slick and not forth coming.


Bigguy1049 Can you tell us your resolution. If they resolved with you they should be resolving with everyone else who is in the same situation.

Hope you don't respond by saying you can't disclose or they won"t go through with the deal. This is a bad investment for most people. It's not the product.

It's the Company and it practices. If anyone goes forward you better be in a position to lose your investment.


Have you been mislead from PetCorner ?

Email me at I have been to. Lossed 16.000 dollars The two dealers in seatle and north fork virginia I offered my inventory to for 50% less never heard from them.

that is the only two dealers they will give you a number for after you by the inventory.

Then when you ask them for more they will tell you they are to busy to speak with.

This company is very evasive and not forthcoming. Those two dealers I would bet are in on the scam.


Warning ! do not invest in Pet corner They are not transparent.

What they dont tell you is pet stores excluding pet food work on a 50 to 60% Pet corner products offer only 30% even on consignment store owners say it is not worth it. Forget about the big box stores they wont even talk to Petcorner. Petcorner told me they are not there because that did not want to wait for there money.

If you ask them for other distributers to talk to they give you the same two with the same succes story. I offered them my 16.000 dollars worth of inventory for 50% off never heard from them.

They do not have one distributer in the New York Tri State Area you could talk to.

I was the only one. Now I know why.Do not invest in this company.


nan or tm, I was looking at this as well. Did either of you pull the trigger or find out additional information and back away?


Important Notice: I have reached an agreement, the terms of which will resolve the issues I have with Pet Corner International. At this time I am satisfied with this settlement.


Perhaps you should check another site and a comment from M. Lucas who is a very successful distributor.

You will also note why specifically he chose to become a distributor. Before blaming the company, maybe it would be a good idea to look elsewhere for accountability.


I bought in before these postings! What can we do about this now? I FEEL SO *** AND RESPONSIBLE TO MY RETAILERS!javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')


Mike. Look for something else....YoU'll lose your money with PET CORNER.

I wish somebody would have warned me.


I too am interested in this as a distributorship opportunity. I need some detail. Thanks in advance



It seems that I'm finding Pet Corner International is leaving an increasing number of investors having lost all their money after buying the distributor they offer.

They won't disclose these failures either. This is very deceptive to say the least.

If you don't like to lose money you need to stay away from this business opportunity.



I purchaed a distributorship in Sept 2010. Product doesn't sell like they tell you.I've yet to see one advertisement on TV.

The 2 distributors they gave me to contact (Norfolk Va. and Seattle Wa) told me the products sell immediately off the shelf. Vets and store owners tell me the product price is too high at $19.99. In one year 11 retail accounts I've sold less than 25 bottles.

In this time frame not one representative from Pet Corner has called to ask how I was doing or if they can help. I'm faily well off so I can handle the loss. I understood the risk going in. What I don't get is if we as distributors can't sell the product Pet Corner International will never survive.

They should have a vested interest in making sure we succeed but that just doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm going to think about trying different approaches to sell the product. To those of you thinking about buying --BUYER BEWARE


I'm thinking of starting a distributorship. I have been doing research on the company and this is the only complaint I have found.

I have spoken to 2 distributors who both claim to be doing good. I would like to know the reasons you feel this is a scam.

What have they done, or not done. I can be contacted at


Could you contact me? I was thinking of investing into this comapy as well. I would love to talk to you, please email me at and I can give you my phone number


I have been looking to start a distributorship with PCI. Can either of you contact me and tell me why this company is a scam? I don't want to get involved if something isn't right.


Hi- You can email me at and then I will give you my phone number.


I'll be glad to contact you if I had your information.

Thank You


I am a distributor too. Please contact me so we can talk about it.

This company is a scam. I am out a lot of money.

Please contact me. Thank you

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