Devils Lake, North Dakota
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One of our distributors recently expanded and in so doing purchased another distributorship and is

developing a much larger territory.

Why would someone do this unless they were succeeding in their business.

Perhaps they were just very, very lucky, or maybe crazy.

The facts speak for themselves.

The next step will be for a few people to insist on wanting to speak with this distributor, ostensibly

to get a few good 'ideas'. In reality it will be all about negative stories for the distributor.

What person would want to subject themselves to this kind of call, unless they really were crazy.

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Ya, I guess that is why Ted alias Eddy Alias???went to jail for miss use of a govt seal, lowered from fraud by his attorney.

Ted (Eddy) has previous convictions in other states so I guess that is why the alias. You trust your pet with a company who's owner is in jail for miss using The National Science foundation which they boasted about when you look into being a distributor.

The distributor that claims so much success we had as our Retail trainer.We caught him directly with us in so many lies you be the judge!!!!

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